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What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"Love this pharmacy! Always quick to get scripts filled. Helpful in every way!"

"Friendly, fast, & reliable service! Overall, a very charming small-town pharmacy."

"These three guys might be the biggest dorks you'll ever run across, but they KNOW their stuff!! ;) I can call and talk to them about insurance problems and they are eager to help me! Much thanks for your hard work!"

"Fastest service around!"

"#1 pharmacy in the country! Plus, they're fast!"

"The kind employees at this pharmacy are all fantastic!"

"I like Mountain Lake. Jeff, Steve, Chris, and Staff are all nice and friendly."

"Couldn't do without the one in S'ville!"

"Best pharmacy in town!"

"I rely on Mountain Lake for personal advice and info on my medications. They are always friendly and ready to help. Thank you!"

"Great business that's owned and operated by Nicholas County residents. Friendly hometown service."

"I don't trust anyone else!"

"We go to this pharmacy quite often. The employees are pretty awesome!"

"Wonderful service! No mistakes! Great crew of employees!"

"The people are amazing and very down to earth. They do everything they can to make things easier for the customer! You won't find a better pharmacy."

"Awesome customer service! Great location!"

"Love the app! Staff is friendly and super fast. The best pharmacy I've ever used!"

"Prescriptions are always ready when I get there. I love the friendly employees that work there."

"Convenient. Simple to refill. Saves me time. Great job!"

"Reliable and inexpensive."

"Friendly and efficient. I will never go anywhere else."

"Fast, friendly, and the app is so easy to use!"

"Best personal service!"

"The Pharmacists are willing to come in after hours if needed."

"Everything! Friendly, fast, helpful, and efficient."

"Hometown caring people."

"Everyone is welcoming and friendly."

"They are nice and personable."

You can help Mountain Lake Pharmacy by leaving a great review on Google, Yelp, and Facebook - thank you!

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